Fill your sales pipeline quickly and sustainably.

LinkedRich helps B2B digital agencies & software companies generate 5+ leads weekly with done-for-you Lead Generation

No extra work. We do the heavy lifting for you.

We utilize LinkedIn to book sales appointments for your agency.

Book 5+ qualified meetings weekly with no advertising spend

Use a proven method with no guesswork, tailored for your brand

Wake up to warm leads in your inbox, so you can focus on selling

Here's what to expect on a monthly basis.

Reaching out to 1,000 prospects brings huge returns for agencies

10-30+ interested leads that want to learn more about your services

1000+ profile views, 700+ new connections that see your content

Emails and phone numbers for prospects to warm email or call

Results are all we really care about.

40% of our replies go to appointment, we fill calendars with sales appointments.

From cold prospect to warm lead

Prospect showing genuine interest

Booked appointment with a warm lead

Interested lead wants to explore options

No contracts, no risk, just qualified leads daily

How does it work exactly?

You need to fill your sales pipeline, but nothing is working builds you a lead generation system that fills the pipeline

You're able to focus on closing and grow your business

We've added over $80 million to our clients' pipelines.

"Excellent. Thank you for continuing to optimize the system that provides us with qualified leads every month... We're booked until next year."

David Zasloff

Weldlogic Inc.

"I recommend for anything related to demand generation, new product launches, market research, creative, sales and marketing."

Daniel Newman

CrowdFood Inc.

"One week into our campaign and our calendar was booked with appointments. This shit works!"

Brandy Flower


"This is exactly what we needed - leads on autopilot, our sales team closing... Really happy we decided to work with"


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this work for my business?

Good question. In short, if you are selling to other businesses (B2B), this will work for you.

We specialize in lead generation for Digital Agencies, IT, Consultants, Coaches, and Software Companies - but we have worked with clients in Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and Biotechnology as well.

Q: What exactly do you do?

👉 Assign you a dedicated account strategist

👉 Build a list of 1,000 prospects

👉 Up to 4 Ideal Customer Segments

👉 Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling, including Copywriting

👉 Write engaging copy to start a conversation with your prospects

👉 Automate sending 70 connection requests per day

👉 Optimize the account daily to make sure it's generating the right kind of leads

👉 Consult on ways to improve your sales process

Q: Do I need a paid account like LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator or Recruiter?

No! Our proprietary LinkedRich System is designed to work just as well on a free LinkedIn account as it does on a paid one.

Q: Do I really have to give you my account logins?

Yes. We physically log into your account every day to execute our system. We use the highest security and assure you that your account is safe with us. (We never read your messages, view your notifications or change your settings.)

Q: What am I still responsible for?

Replying to messages, producing content on your profiles (statuses and articles) and engaging with your new connections on your timeline.

Q: Can my LinkedIn account get banned?

We operate within the safe limits of Linkedin. We're so confident that your account will not be banned that we will refund the total of what you paid us if it does. We will also take responsibility for getting your account unbanned on your behalf.

Q: What is a "Prospect List"?

Let's get clarity on this - it's important.

We build all of our lists by hand and import them into LinkedIn, we do not use Sales Navigator, nor do we require that you have it.

You will tell us the type of person you want as a prospect in the Kickoff Process and we build you a clean list of 1,000 ideal future customers that you have access to.

Q: What is the 7-day kickoff process?

Our 7-day kickoff process is series of high value activities leading up to your campaign launch:

👉 You fill our Kickoff form (gives you valuable insights into your business and your customers)

👉 You meet your Dedicated Account Strategist (sets you up for success)

👉 Ya'll have the Kickoff Call (gives you in-depth insights into your ideal client profile and the best way to generate ready to buy leads)

You will make a commitment of $97.

You get 100% confidence in our process and valuable insights into the path to more revenue.

We get a full understanding of your business, so we can help you get astronomical ROI.


Simple pricing.

$97 commitment to start the 7-day kickoff process.

Starting at $1,500 monthly after that. Cancel anytime.

LinkedRich helps B2B digital agencies & software companies generate 5+ leads weekly with done-for-you Lead Generation

👉 LinkedIn Ads

👉 LinkedIn Content Marketing (coming soon)

We stand by our 30-day money back guarantee

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