Updated for 2022: Expandi has now launched a (almost identical to Skylead) “smart automation” with email and LinkedIn capabilities

In the world of cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools, there are only a few high quality, reasonably priced solutions.

This brings us to our question today, which is better: Expandi vs Skylead?

We’ll go through a few of the features that make these softwares unique and help you make a decision.

I’ll start by saying that both are fantastic ways to automate your LinkedIn lead generation.

You really can’t go wrong.

What is Expandi?

Expandi is one of the most popular and sophisticated cloud-based LinkedIn automation softwares on the market.

Expandi LinkedIn Automation tool
Expandi has a very friendly and “safety first” approach in their marketing

They definitely put the safety of your profile first with features like auto-warmup and smart limits.

They also provide a lot of value on their website, showing some popular growth hacks and strategies to get your mind moving towards creative outreach.

Expandi Pros

  • Personalized images and GIFs built in
  • Safe for LinkedIn profiles
  • Multiple ways to build prospect lists from LinkedIn
  • Smart inbox to manage replies and tag prospects/leads
  • Fairly simple user interface
  • Hands-on onboarding/demos to show you the software
  • Smart automations with cold email included

Expandi Cons

  • I can’t find a downside as of 2022

Overall, Expandi is a great software for automating LinkedIn lead generation, but it falls short when it comes to omni-channel outreach using Cold Email as a secondary touch point. As of 2022, Expandi is my favorite LinkedIn/Cold Email software. They’ve added the exact same smart automations that Sklyead used to be unique for.

It may be a bit expensive for what it does, seems they spend a lot on marketing, etc.

What is Skylead?

Skylead is a cloud-based LinkedIn & Email lead generation tool that combines the best of a LinkedIn automation tool, with the best of a flow chart style marketing automation software for truly multi-touch campaigns.

Skylead LinkedIn Automation tool
Skylead’s Smart Sequences feature is revolutionary in the marketplace

They’re not as slick with their marketing as other tools on the market, mostly they mostly cater to agencies and companies looking to white label.

I personally believe it is one of the most sophisticated softwares on the market and at a price that’s almost unbelievable for the value.

Skylead Pros

  • Combine LinkedIn & Email in one sequence
  • Smart sequences for enhanced results
  • Personalized images built in
  • Inbox to manage prospects/leads
  • Very affordable for the value provided
  • Focused on agencies
  • Cloud-based and safe for LinkedIn
  • Simple user interface

Skylead Cons

  • Price tag may be a bit high for more casual users

There’s very little cons on this one to be honest. The team is solid, the software is raising the bar in the industry, and the price can’t be beat for the features provided.

If you’re looking to get amazing results from your outbound lead generation across multiple channels, Skylead is my pick.

And the Winner Is…

Let’s keep this simple:

As of 2022, my pick is Expandi. They’ve kept up with the competition and have added all of the features I wanted from them from the start. Good job guys!

Adding Email as a touch point in your sequences is guaranteed to increase results with your outbound lead generation campaigns, and both Expandi & Skylead have that feature built in.

I hope this review was helpful!

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