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On-demand sales calls for your agency.

Stop the feast or famine and grow your agency in 3 months 🔥

CREA Design
CREA DesignWeb Design Agency
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Really impressed with the results. After month 2 we started to see acquisition costs go down substantially.
Mad Rose Media
Mad Rose MediaWeb Design Agency
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We close clients so much easier with funnels pre-qualifying our leads. Great job!
Your Competitive Advantage

How are we different?

Make your ads data work for you

Your agency needs a steady flow of appointments to grow and thrive. Our GROW system gets you lower CPAs and while getting you in front of your ideal clients at scale.

Get qualified, booked appointments

Other methods of client acquisition require manually booked appointments that you aren't even sure are qualified. We pre-qualify and book appointments with smart funnels.

We only work with digital marketing agencies

The agency space has some very specific value propositions, offers, and hooks to get new clients excited. We've created a proven playbook of strategies that guarantee more clients.

Lead Gen Systems Comparison

What about other agency lead gen systems?

Cold Outreach

GROW Funnel System

Simple & Effective

Just show up to qualified sales meetings

If you’re tired of “booking meetings” using cold email and LinkedIn outreach, this is going to blow your mind.

LinkedIn Ads for Digital Marketing Agencies
Simple, ROI-FOcused Pricing

How much do I have to invest?

You'll need to have a minimum ad spend

Your budget for ads should start at $2,000 for 3 months, so $6,000 total. This will easily turn into $60,000+ in closed deals.

We charge a simple setup fee to start building

Our non-refundable setup fee is $6,000. We charge this to set up our GROW system and ensure you're committed.

Fees are flexible after the setup fee

If we don't get results, you don't pay. Our ongoing payment is 20% of every deal closed (lifetime) of a client that comes through our system.

LinkedIn Ads DIY Package

We build your entire LinkedIn Ads machine, give you the keys, and teach you how to drive. 

$9,000 one time
Your Questions, Answered

Got some questions?

Will LinkedIn Ads work for my agency?

If you're selling services that are valued at over $5,000 - our system will work perfectly for you.

Can I try this out for a short time period to see if it works?

Unfortunately, no. This is a semi-long term strategy that pays in compound interest over time. Printing qualified sales calls takes a bit of time to dial in, but it's worth it, we promise!

How does the process work?

We try to make it simple. Basically, you start by making a payment for the setup fee. Once this is done, you'll go to an onboarding form to give us the basic info on the campaign. Next, you'll schedule your onboarding call and the process starts. We're usually set up within about 2 weeks, sometimes faster.

Who is this system for?

Digital agencies. Can be web design, paid ads, sales services, branding, content, or any other type of service. Your niche should be 500,000+ strong and be on LinkedIn.

Isn't LinkedIn Ads too expensive?

This is a common preconception. Our system relies on segmented retargeting campaigns and generally produces a 10x ROI or better.

How does this compare to LinkedIn cold outreach?

Cold outreach on LinkedIn works, but it's very manual and slow. It's also getting harder to move the needle as LinkedIn imposes more limitations. Ads have unlimited potential.

What results can I expect?

Cold traffic doesn't convert well, so Month 1 is all about getting enough data (300+ clicks) to start retargeting.

Month 1: typically conversions are around $80-$120 and clicks are are around $8-$10 😔.
Month 2: typically conversions drop to $40-$60 and clicks go down to around $4-$7, 😍.

As we get more data and test more, we'll continue to improve metrics & ROI.

It's "Go time"

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