Cold email is great. Cold calling can be effective. Cold outreach in general is a great way to build a business and get sustainable new clients/customers.

But LinkedIn brings a few things to the table that are amazing and will take your results to the next level.

These are the LinkedIn features you should be using in 2021:

LinkedIn Voice Notes

There’s a certain personal touch that gets lost with text messages.

Automation has amplified this gap (so many robotic, automatic messages being sent out there it’s insane).

LinkedIn’s voice notes feature brings some humanity back to prospecting.

LinkedIn features you should be using: LinkedIn voice notes feature to bring humanity back to prospecting and book more sales meetings
LinkedIn’s voice notes feature on mobile

It’s only on mobile, which makes it both easy to use, and also impossible to automate.

Basically, you hold it down while you’re recording your message, then let go and it sends.

This is a creative way to book sales meetings on LinkedIn faster, and more efficient than ever before.

Suggested Strategy Using LinkedIn Voice Notes

  1. Find your ideal customers on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. Use your favorite automation tool to send automated Connection Requests
  3. When a prospect accepts your Connection Request, send them a Voice Note, instead of a message

This is just one of thousands of ways to use this powerful feature.

Try this, and watch your reply rates, meeting booking rates, and closed deals skyrocket.

LinkedIn Videos

Similar to Voice Notes, LinkedIn has a “record a video” feature on mobile, that is even more personal!

The video you send shows up, directly playable, in their messages. This is a great way to introduce yourself and add value to their specific business quickly and effectively.

LinkedIn videos on mobile are a personalized way to stand out in the inbox
LinkedIn video feature on mobile

This puts you heads and shoulders above the other million people desperate for your prospects’ attention.

It makes you stand out in the inbox, and gives you a great opportunity to add value before asking for anything.

You can even include in your Connection Request, “Hey firstname, I had some ideas that I think you’d find valuable. Accept me as a connection and I’ll share them with you in a quick video.”

So many strategies using these features (we’ll dive into more in another article).


While all the other cold outreach and sales prospecting channels work well still in 2021, LinkedIn has implemented some features that stand out.

They give you the opportunity to get better results faster and leave your 100% automated competitors in the dust. That’s why these are LinkedIn features you should be using today.

Utilize these tools & strategies, add them to your outreach strategy, add them to your sales process, and comment below if you have any questions!

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