LinkedIn is the fastest growing B2B social network in the world right now.

There’s so much money flowing through it, it’s mind boggling.

In this article we are going to reveal the best LinkedIn growth hacking tools to help you automate and take your share of the pie from this B2B paradise.

LinkedIn Automation Tools

Automating outreach on LinkedIn is the fundamental way to start generating leads, clients, customers, and sales on the network.

Outreach has changed a lot over the last few years, but it remains effective if you do it the right way.

1. Skylead

We’ve talked about Skylead a lot on this website because, frankly, it’s the most versatile and best priced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool on the market.

This is mostly because it adds cold email which, combined with LinkedIn, increases response rates and makes cold outreach more efficient.

Also unique in Skylead is the ability to make conditional statements in your outreach sequence (i.e. IF your cold email is opened, send a LinkedIn connection request).

This is extremely powerful stuff. And at the price point of $100/month per account (less than some LinkedIn-only solutions on the market), you can’t lose.

2. Dux-Soup

If you’re a lighter user and don’t need all the horsepower that a cloud-based, omni-channel solution brings you, Dux-Soup is an excellent choice.

It’s extremely affordable and has several plans to choose from depending on how much functionality you need to boost your sales pipeline.

The Turbo plan now includes Zapier integrations and many other advanced features, and at a little under $50 per month, it’s a very good price.

3. We-Connect

If you’re looking for something in the middle between Skylead and Dux-Soup, We-Connect is a great choice.

Affordable, cloud-based, secure, and packed with features, We-Connect is perfect for medium-level users who need complete automation at a great price.

LinkedIn Engagement Tools

Another great method to generate leads and attract ideal customers on LinkedIn is posting authority content.

The only problem comes when you’re looking to boost engagement on your posts so more people see them!

This is where LinkedIn Engagement Tools come in handy. Real users engage with each other’s posts, in specific niches, to boost visibility and get more of your ideal client seeing your posts and seeing you as an authority in your space.

1. Lempod

Lempod is one of the leading automated engagement pod solutions for LinkedIn.

Basically, you pay per Pod you join. There are different niches for different Pods, so you can be sure you’re getting engagement and visibility from LinkedIn users in your niche or industry space.

They have a great reputation and the app really works.

After you post, you’ll see hundreds of reactions and thousands of possible views from people across LinkedIn, both positioning you as an expert and showing your posts to people who wouldn’t otherwise see them.

2. LinkBoost

LinkBoost is a great alternative to Lempod and has some very unique features like custom comment templates (so users are commenting thoughtfully on your posts and engaging) and custom audiences so you can truly pick the exact niche and industry you’re targeting.

They have a very robust free plan offering 3 posts per month, and their other plans are very affordable flat monthly rates for more posts per month.

3. Podawaa

Another alternative in the LinkedIn engagement space, Podawaa also does a great job of amplifying your LinkedIn content.

They’re unique in that they charge based on a credit system, where you can pay a monthly fee to get credits per month – or you can pay-as-you-go. Credits rollover every month, so it’s very economical.

LinkedIn Courses & Tutorials

Sometimes what you really need is some help and guidance when it comes to generating leads and sales on LinkedIn.

There are a million courses and videos on LinkedIn lead generation, so it can get confusing quick. We’ve selected the most relevant courses and tutorials to get you up and running faster!

1. ListKit Lead Gen Masterclass

ListKit provides hyper-personalized lead lists for B2B cold outreach, but they also released a very comprehensive masterclass that includes some great tips on using LinkedIn to generate leads & appointments.

I love the focus on conversations and qualification rather than just spamming tons of people at once (which we all know, doesn’t work anymore!).

2. Alzay Calhoun YouTube

Alzay is one of my favorite guys on YouTube and does a great job of demystifying some of the common mistakes, especially if you’re considering outsourcing your LinkedIn lead generation.

This video really gets to the core of it and I recommend you watch his videos in general.

Bottom Line on LinkedIn Growth Hacking Tools

There are too many LinkedIn resources out there, and I hate to say… Most of them are trash.

They’re either outdated or basically teaching how to SPAM your prospects (which hurts you in the long run).

I hope these resources help to get you on the right track. You’ll be closing deals using LinkedIn in no time!

P.S. We’ll keep adding to this list as we find new awesome nuggets!

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