When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, we all know by now that personalization is one of the keys to success.

If each message is distinctly different and relevant to the prospect, you’ll get better results.

Doing this one-by-one is insanely time consuming and can cost a lot to outsource (we’ve seen freelancers charging $0.80 and more to research and write these “first lines”).

Thankfully, some amazing startup founders have entered the marketplace with some very effective, automated solutions so you can do cold email and LinkedIn lead generation at scale, without sacrificing personalization.

What are AI First Lines?

First off, what the hell are AI first lines?

Simply put, it’s an artificial intelligence powered system (usually using GPT-3) that does the research on each prospect and writes a complimentary and relevant first line for your cold message.

The format you would use usually looks something like this:

Hi {first_name}, {first_line}

So you’d be saying “Hi John, really impressed with how ABC corp just raised a series A and love your vision for the future of widgets!”

I’m sure you’re already seeing the huge possibilities here…

Why Use AI for LinkedIn Personalization?

Using AI powered first lines in your cold outreach drastically increases open rates (because it shows up in the email preview) and reply rates (because they feel the email was written specially for them, not some bulk message.

The more personalization the better, but it has to be relevant.

Relevancy is the real measure of how effective your researched first line introductions will be.

If it’s a weird general comment about their wife’s most recent profile pic, you may get some very weird replies.

If you’re going to use AI, you want to make sure it does a good job of crafting relevant messages!

Lyne vs Warmer AI Personalized First Lines
Lyne.ai vs Warmer.ai

Lyne.ai vs Warmer.ai

This takes us right to our main event…

In the red corner… Lyne.ai.

In the blue corner… Warmer.ai.

The leaders and pioneers in the industry – which is better?

Let’s look at Warmer first…

Warmer.ai Pros & Cons

Warmer was one of the first of it’s kind. Early on, it led the way and had the best AI-powered first lines in the industry.

The point of Warmer was to generate first lines and give you the choice of which first line to use.

You had the opportunity to choose 5 different first lines and pick the best one that fit your situation.

Now, they’ve since partnered with Mailshake and are writing entire emails and adding new functionality.

If you use Mailshake and are looking for scalable personalization, Warmer is a great choice.

Lyne.ai Pros & Cons

Lyne is also a pioneer of the cold outreach space. They were one of the first companies, along with Warmer, to use AI to personalize outbound messages.

Lyne’s vision was a bit different.

They were on a mission to execute perfect personalized first lines every time, that didn’t need to be double checked and selected.

The vision is to upload a CSV file of prospects and output high quality first lines in minutes, then upload to your automation tool and start sending!

Bada-bing, bada-boom!

Since they started, they’ve added a ton of research sources such as:

  • Articles the prospect is mentioned in
  • Webinars the prospect appears in
  • Blog posts they wrote (in detail)
  • Events they’ve attended
  • and way more

And, they started providing 2 first lines for each prospect, so that personalization could be included in a “P.S.” at the end of the message, or used in a follow-up to increase results.

I’m a huge fan of Lyne.ai and their recent developments have made them the top AI first line software on the market.


From my experience, Lyne.ai wins this match.

They’ve made such huge improvements in the few short years they’ve been around, it’s hard to catch up.

If you’re sending cold emails or LinkedIn connection requests, messages or InMails – Lyne.ai is a must-have software.

Agree? Got a different opinion? Leave it in the comments!

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