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In the world of inexpensive, cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools, We-Connect is the first to jump to mind.

They’ve been around a long time, so they’ve stood the test of time where so many others have failed.

It doesn’t have some of the complex features of Exandi & Skylead, but for the price it doesn’t get better.

We-Connect just announced that it’s releasing a new version that will include cold email and smart sequences. This is a game changer.

Let’s jump into this in-depth We-Connect review.

What is We-Connect?

We-Connect’s homepage

If your goal is to generate leads with LinkedIn, it’s wise to use some sort of automation to save time and stay consistent.

There are many tools on the market and We-Connect happens to be one of the most robust, safe, and affordable. It’s not as robust as some of the other tools, but it’s value really does center around simplicity and affordability.

We-Connect also focuses on partnerships with agencies and have introduced a white label option so agencies can offer the software under their brand, which shows they’ve been in the game a long time and have a very solid product.

They are always updating their product as well, which has me very excited for the future. Their new update looks like it will rival Skylead as the best multi channel LinkedIn lead generation software.

We-Connect Features

We-Connect comes with everything you need to automate your LinkedIn lead generation, manage multiple accounts, and manage the LinkedIn inbox.

It’s got a pretty slick interface that makes it easy to create campaigns, monitor existing lead conversations, and see the progress of campaigns.

It stays within the acceptable usage limits of LinkedIn and is cloud based, so your profile will never get blocked or restricted.

It’s got 5 different campaign types:

1. Invite new connection
2. Message 1st connections
3. Endorse contacts
4. Auto follow people and
5. Visit profiles

You can mix and match these modules and automate workflows to reach out to leads.

I like the Message 1st connections also to be able to leverage your existing connections and send out “newsletter style” messages when you have new content to share.

They connect with webhooks so you can automate more complex workflows with Zapier or Integromat.

I love being able to add multiple lists to an existing campaign to expand the audience. This is really helpful if a campaign is producing results, so you can have all the data in one campaign and scale it up.

Overall the feature set is what you’d expect from a simple LinkedIn automation app, but it has a slick interface and great reporting so you can get the most from your campaigns.

How Does it Stack Up?

Compare ToolsWe-ConnectExpandiSkyleadZopto
Sends emails?❌ (coming soon)
Sends drip message campaigns?
Gets around LinkedIn limits?
Easy user interface?
Import CSV?
Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator links?
Unlimited campaigns/lists?
Agency accounts/white label?
Works with free LinkedIn?
Starting price (monthly)$49$99$100$215

The Price

At $49 per month, this is one of the least expensive LinkedIn automation tools on the market.

Nothing to complain about there! Similar tools like Expandi, Skylead, and Zopto hover in the $100-$200 range, so this is about half price, still with very powerful and functional features.

Granted those other tools do have more unique features that can boost results, but again if you’re looking for a basic LinkedIn automation tool as an entrepreneur, small business owner, BDR/SDR, or just looking to network, We-Connect has more than enough capabilities.

If you’re on a budget, We-Connect is one of the best priced, cloud based tools on the market, hands down.

The Bottom Line

We-Connect is a great app if your LinkedIn automation needs are more on the simple side.

We-Connect is advancing fast. Keep an eye out for their new update in 2022.

I see it working very well for SMBs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and people just getting into LinkedIn lead generation.

If you’re looking for robust multi-channel automation with deep integrations and smart campaigns, We-Connect is not for you.

But if you’re looking to expand your network, send drip messages, and engage with ideal prospects – We-Connect will do all of that and more for a very good price.

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