Automating LinkedIn outreach campaigns is necessary to make sure you can work on higher value activities and save time.

There are so many cloud-based LinkedIn tools on the market at this point, it can be hard to pick one that’s both affordable, customizable, and powerful all at the same time.

Two of the best softwares in this space are Zopto and Skylead. In this article, we’ll figure out which is better to use, for what purpose, and why.

Hopefully this saves you a ton of time with free trials and researching on Google – I did all the hard work for you.

OK, let’s dive in – in the red corner…

What is Zopto?

Zopto is one of the largest LinkedIn automation softwares, bringing unique features that have consistently stayed up to date with LinkedIn’s new limits and restrictions.

Zopto is an established software in the market, and it shows

They are a very established company, and are trusted by a lot of users. They push profile safety and the ease of automating campaigns on LinkedIn.

They have expanded their software a lot since the beginning, and have kept up with the latest trends and updates.

Zopto Pros

  • Safe and secure LinkedIn automation
  • Support for Sales Navigator and InMails to open profiles
  • Support for white label and agency accounts
  • Inbox to manage incoming leads
  • Established software that’s survived the test of time

Zopto Cons

Honestly, though it’s a solid software, there are quite a few cons from my perspective when using Zopto:

  • Expensive, the price is much higher than other softwares
  • Confusing user interface (UI), hard to create campaigns quickly
  • Does email validation and scraping, but not cold email automation

Overall Zopto is a trusted brand and a big player in the space, but they fall short in a lot of ways. The price alone is enough to turn most businesses off, paying $215 per month for a basic LinkedIn automation tool is pretty unrealistic when softwares like We-Connect exist at $49 per month.

What is Skylead?

Skylead is a cloud-based LinkedIn + email automation software that allows you to build complex campaigns with if/then conditional statements (almost like an marketing automation tool like ActiveCampaign) for omni-channel cold outreach campaigns.

Skylead has smart sequences that combine LinkedIn and Cold Email!

They haven’t been around as long as Zopto, but these guys are creating the tool that all sales pros ideally want.

Being able to automate outbound sales campaigns across LinkedIn and cold email in one app saves tons of money and time wrestling with alternative solutions. This is the future of omnichannel prospecting.

Skylead Pros

  • Smart Sequences that combine LinkedIn and cold email outreach in a single app
  • Cloud-based so it’s secure and you can manage multiple accounts
  • Agency friendly, they offer white label so you can sell under your own brand
  • Personalized images and GIFs built in
  • Smart inbox to handle incoming leads
  • Super simple user interface to build campaigns
  • Several ways to prospect in LinkedIn or with external CSV lists
  • Very affordable at $100 per account per month

Skylead Cons

  • Price is a tad high for more casual users
  • They are updating it quickly so there are bugs from time to time

Not too many cons for Skylead. I’ve been extremely impressed with this product. The price is right (even compared to other LinkedIn-only apps) and includes advanced features like image personalization!

I highly recommend choosing Skylead when faced with this question.

And the Winner Is…

It’s got to go to Skylead on this one.

Just on the price and user interface alone, there’s no real reason to go with Zopto, unless their Twitter automation feature is super important to you (which honestly we never even used when we ran campaigns with it in the past).

I hope you enjoyed this review – and I hope it helps you grow your business!

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